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Originative Design :

For household electrical appliances, the appearance and design is equally important as function, as the appliance have been one part of house decoration. Goodway lays much emphasis in appearance design in addition to the safety and the functions. Goodway employs many designers who know different markets well to design products for different markets. Thus the local designers knowing Hong Kong and Hong Kong consumers well are in charge of the local product design while the foreign designers in charge of product design for European and American markets.

The originality of Goodway product design can be seen from the continuous improvement in appearance, color, application and function, as well as the new inventions. The company has created many new small appliances for the markets,steam clothesbrush can be the most representational example.
The product designer of Goodway combined steam iron and clothesbrush and invented steam clothesbrush which can be used as iron and clothesbrush at the same time, easy to use and quite popular in the market.

Safety Assurance :

Goodway products have reached the international safety standard with world class quality level. With more than 20 years of rich experience in manufacture, the products of Goodway Electrical Enterprise Ltd. have been sold to more than 50 countries around the world. As many countries have safety specification and certificate requirements, Goodway knows very well and pays much attention to the quality standards. Goodway won “Great Wall” certificate standing for safety specification of China in 1997, and was the first electrical brand to be granted with Hong Kong Safety Mark by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Ltd. In addition, the company even buys liability insurance for each appliance exported.

Maintaining Progressive :

Goodway unceasingly launches new products and keeps improving the function and appearance of the old products, which has guaranteed the ideal sales. Besides, the pricing strategy takes most common consumers into consideration so that they can buy home appliances with good functions and nice appearances at a reasonable cost. This is one of the reasons why Goodway is so popular in the market.

Knight Service :

Goodway Electrical Enterprise Ltd. pays much attention to not only the safety and quality of the products, but also the after service. The slogan of “With Goodway appliances, Life is more beautiful” is exactly the portraiture of the top quality and perfect after service of Goodway.

Image and Packing :

In the recent years, with the market development plan of the company, Goodway adopts more active publicity strategies to improve the image and the packing. In the meantime, Goodway has tried to increase new style home appliance products. Professional experts have been employed to shape the brand image and help to establish and push the marketing strategies.

Following up the hotpot and improving the products according to the needs of the market has helped Goodway to build a specific brand image and widely accepted by the consumers.