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Dr. Choi was an electrical engineering major and applied his study during the wireless and electricity work as early as the 60s. Later he set up his own electronic processing factory.

In 1982, Dr. Choi began to produce small electric iron for travel use and successfully found an English importer. There were more and more orders and the affiliated company manufacturing travel use irons soon became a global enterprise with great value.

Folding iron was the first product which still sells well today with about 10 million Goodway irons of different models and several million of irons with famous European and American brands.

Dr. Choi is the founder and chairman of Goodway Electrical Enterprise Ltd.. The company now has more than 2500 employers and produces about 80 kinds of household electrical appliances, from barbecue grillers to vacuum cleaners, everything is just available. Steam iron and electric kettle are the two core products of the company which are especially popular.

Goodway has recently been awarded as the top 10 brands in Hong Kong. Dr. Choi attribute this success to the first class quality and design. Though the brand strategy of Goodway is quite effective, he regards the brand building as “an extremely risky game”. He says “To build powerful and characteristic brand, we have to carry out long-term advertising plans and assure outstanding product quality and after service. At the same time, we also have to create new designs and manufacturing technologies and control cost effectively.”If carried out properly, unique image of the product and service will come with the brand building. And so will the support and trust of the clients. He says that “Adding value to the brand is just as investing the future, as reward will far beyond our expectation today.”

He points out that there would be more disadvantages than advantages if an enterprise chose to strive for market share by decreasing the price. The enterprise should lay more emphasis in brand promotion and maintenance and attract new clients by launching new creative products. That’s why Goodway costs tens of millions of HK dollars to develop new products. The company has a powerful R & D department with tens of staff and a number of European experts were employed from France to help to conceive new designs. The company launches 20 to 30 new designs each year. Dr. Choi believes that the new design is the key to attract new clients and maintain old clients, as they not only pay attention to the functions of the electric appliances but also take styles into consideration. Hong Kong is a good place to test new products and new designs. The enterprise will further develop the local best sellers and export them to the overseas markets.

With the business foresight of Dr. Choi, Goodway launched a series of environment protection products in 2005. The company believes that the power saving lighting products have unique market potential and will devote to develop public lighting and products for more specialized markets.
The company is especially strict with the professional light
source quality and will advocate and develop energy saving and environment protective products in accordance with the integrated development strategy of the enterprise in the future.

Dr. Choi insists that the business future depends on the brand and “Quality First” is the key to successful brand promotion as the brand will help the products well- known and ahead of the other products in the same filed. That’s why he promotes Goodway products by advertisements at giant cost.

The power of advertisements is without doubt but few local electrical appliance brands in Hong Kong are willing to take the risk to promote brands at such cost. And Dr. Lung Wei Choi never gave up. He stresses “Advertisements are necessary for brand building. During these years, not only advertisements, we've also been to the exhibitions and fairs all over the world with the Trade Development Council… We have to be persistent.”

In 2006, Dr. Choi became Honorary Doctor of Management of Armstrong University in USA and won the World Outstanding Chinese Award at the same time, being outstanding in business development and sparing no efforts in public service. Achievements finally come with all the efforts during the years, Dr. Choi speaks frankly that he has the sense of success and the success of Goodway proves the concept of the enterprise. Goodway electrical appliances show the success of the Hong Kong people.